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Peace-The Saga Continues

Just for the record I would like to say that I WAS SO RIGHT about Peace! Thanks to my neighbor who went to their graduation party last weekend I received crucial information about him that I needed to continue with my stalking.

We were both invited to the party via notecard taped to our front doors. Mine said to please come to the party and if there are any problems or if they were too loud to call them. My neighbor’s was an apology for blaring their music out of the car at 3 am (she went out in her underwear and screamed at them last weekend) followed by an invite to the party.

I decided not to go because my dad was in town but mostly because I would have rather eaten my own leg off at the knee than have to be formally introduced to Peace.  I suppose if I would have had a few drinks I would have gone but I would have been really rude and sarcastic. I’m trying to cut back on that.

My neighbor said she felt like they were sincerely sorry about the 3 am business and she would make an appearance. She’s nicer than I am.

So she goes to the party. The next day she informs me that Peace (she was introduced to him but couldn’t remember his name because all she could think about was his more appropriate name, Peace) lives in the house with his sister THAT HIS DAD BOUGHT. He bought their cars, the house, the fucking dirt that is still out front, and all of the catered food for the party. Now I’m not saying it’s a bad thing or he’s a bad person for getting all that. I’ve had my fair share of things given to me by my parents but what really gets me is that I would never move in to a house my dad bought me and immediately piss off the neighbors. Even when I was 20. Most people have enough sense to know that when you are the new neighbor, you want to make a good impression. At least that’s what I would do.

The best part of the story is that when she was introduced to Peace  as “his neighbor” he slowly started backing away in a joking/maybe a little scared kind of way.  And what did my neighbor (who I thought was my friend) do? She says to him, “NO I’m not THAT neighbor across the street (pointing at my house), I live next to her!”. 

So something occurs to me as she’s telling me the story: this guy is afraid of me because I said a few words to his idiot friend  who parked in my driveway but he’s not scared of the crazy lady screaming on the front porch in her underwear at 3am? I don’t get it.

Ok ok, so they seem like nice people who don’t mean to cause problems but it all backfires when you are a TOTAL FUCKING IDIOT. Peace just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it. I saw him walking home a few days ago in the pouring rain wearing only a bathing suit. He’s just making it so easy for me to continue to talk shit about him. I actually can’t come up with any explanation for that scenario which is annoying me. Where was he coming from? Was he swimming or is that just what he wears when it rains?

I’m sure I will continue to update on this fascinating subject. I told my neighbor that because she threw me under the bus at their party that I was going to do the same to her in this blog. How embarrassing for her that all my readers know she sleeps in her underwear.

I’m so immature.