Peace Update

I think from time to time I will have to update my Peace blog.  There seems to be never-ending amaziningness over there.  I was about to start a new post when I came across this gem:

Here you see 3 piles of dirt. Must be doing some landscaping which I appreciate. But you see, instead of having it dumped in the driveway, they had it dumped on the street. I understand that this sometimes has to happen but what really kills me is that it was dumped over a drain hole (notice the lake forming behind it). This happened about 2 hours ago and it has barely rained at all (in Oregon the term “barely rained at all” means about an inch) and already this lake is forming.

What I also forgot to mention in my original post is that on Sunday, one of Peace’s’ roommates decided to organize the trash. She meant well but the only problem is that the garbage came the day before (note the 300 garbage cans behind the river). 

I am assuming the dirt and gravel will be going in the backyard. I like to think I have common sense and with that said, common sense for me, would be to put the GIANT piles of dirt as close and you can get them to their final resting point.  But that’s just me.

I am very interested to see what happens with this situation. If it rains really hard tonight the giant piles will be very very small.  And the lake will be a dirt lake.  I’m tempted to go over and get some for myself before it all washes away.   Nick told me to wait until someone else takes some first. He’s right.


2 responses to “Peace Update

  1. How is the trash man going to get all that garbage?? Also isn’t that a safety hazard since fire and ambulance can’t use the entrance to the driveway? Any fire hydrants around? I think there needs to be another call to the non emergency police? Also I will bet you money that since they can’t use their driveway or infront of their house for parking, they will block your driveway? Haha. You should go have Owen climb in it, since it is technically on city/public property?

  2. I know! Good thing I always see the garbage man so I will let you know how it goes for him. He is actually kind of cute. And is nice to the kids across the street who come out to watch.

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