Garbage Day

I blame my friend Sarah for Owens obsession with garbage. About 4 months ago she was babysitting and taught Owen how to put his diaper in the garbage. At first I thought it was awesome because it meant I could have one less thing to do. But I soon realized this new “trick” (I say trick because everyone says he’s a trick pony) was actually adding more to my list of things to do. He brings the diaper to the garbage, but insists I come with him. And also insists I open it with the foot pedal thing. Every. Single. Time. And it’s not just diapers. It’s all garbage.

I thought he was becoming less interested last month and then of course, Nana and Poppy bought him a mini garbage truck. That really added a new level to Garbage. This truck meant that not only does garbage go into a garbage can, but it then gets picked up by trucks outside our house every week. And don’t even get me started on what goes on when the garbage truck comes down the street.

His garbage obsession has also expanded to outside the house. You can bet he finds a garbage cans everywhere we go (why wouldn’t it, he picked the one thing that happens everywhere, everyday, all year round). Now how he figured out that dumpsters were giant garbage cans I don’t know but those are quite exciting for him. And he doesn’t just say “Garbage”, he yells “Gaaarrrbbbaaaaage”. He is good at what he does, don’t get me wrong but this world is full of garbage so he needs to pick his garbage battles carefully. I wish he would have been able to meet my Grandma on my dad’s side. She spent a lot of time picking up tiny pieces of lint and dirt off carpets making you feel like you were the dirtiest person alive even if you had vacuumed and cleaned right before she got there. Maybe this is some genetic trait that hasn’t been discovered yet. He has also been known to spot tiny pieces of garbage in giant fields of grass, run to it, pick it up, and spend the next 20 minutes looking for the appropriate receptacle.

I often think about my life pre-trash and it’s interesting because I, too, enjoy the process of garbaging. I can’t really blame Sarah but I like to make my friends think they have ruined my life by teaching my son something that they don’t have to deal with every day. In all honestly it may have actually started when he was a lot younger. There was a specific day (garbage day) that I recall having forgotten to take the garbage out and was hanging out in the living room with Owen (he was maybe 9 months old) and I heard the garbage truck coming down the street and panicked. I grabbed Owen and Sweeney and ran out the door in my pajamas with no shoes on, grabbed the garbage can, and ran after the guy yelling GARBAGE! WAIT! GARBAGE! The sad part is he didn’t see me. I had to call and have them come back. That could have been the turning point.

I have other friends to blame for this too. My friend Melissa sent me a you tube video called Garbage Day (Garbage Day). This is a special little treat Owen gets to watch on rainy days. I suggest you all watch it as well. She also sent me a link to some really nice garbage truck birthday invitations on ETSY (ETSY Garbage Invite) that made me feel better about his love of garbage knowing that there are others like him out there.


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