I was just painfully reminded that I forgot to “dispose” of the very dead squirrel in the back yard. For those of you that already know the story I’m sure you all remembered it was still there. For those of you that don’t know let me enlighten you:

My darling cat, dainty little sweet thing that he is, has a dark side. Since he was very little he always had a knack for hunting. It was never the song bird, baby rabbit kind of hunting. It was more like survival hunting. And he didn’t leave the gutted animal on the doorstep for me like other cats I’ve had. Instead, he dragged these poor animals in through the dog door in one piece and dropped them in front of me and proceeded to clean all the blood off of him. I think he single-handedly destroyed the crow and squirrel population in my neighborhood.

Anyway, since I moved here he hasn’t done much hunting but about a month ago I knew he had done something. He is pretty much an outdoor cat but comes into the basement to eat and sleep and every once in a while he comes upstairs to harass Grizwald and shred various paper products. But it is ONLY when he has killed something.

I made a comment to one of my friends about how he was upstairs acting weird and lounging around and I told her that he must have killed something.

About a week later in was in the basement and smelled that smell; you know the smell, the “something died down here smell”. So naturally I told my husband about it and asked if he could take care of it. And knowing my husband I knew it was not gonna be a “I found it and threw it in the trash” kind of situation.

So, he comes upstairs and says “it was a  squirrel!!!!”. I knew it. It was under the cabinets which means it was only slightly dead when the cat dragged it inside and it must have crawled under the cabinet to die, and rot, and ruin my life.

Naturally I asked Nick where he put the squirrel and naturally, he said “I threw it in the yard”. Naturally.

Ok so now I have a dead, mostly rotted large animal in my back yard. Do I 1. Go out and get it now and put it in the garbage? 2. Wait til garbage day and put it in then? or 3. forget it’s out there for 2 weeks and let it be covered by weeds and rain where it is in a situation that 100% prevents any chance of decomposing?

I found it yesterday.


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  1. How did it look?

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